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How can we help create stability in your Private Practice?



Contractor Conversations

The “Must Have” Guide to Helping You Negotiate Your Contract in Private Practice.

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Collect Cancellation Fees

You already have a private practice, only problem is, you aren't charging your cancellation fee.

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The GP Marketing Manual

In this 9 page manual we provide detailed steps to help you successfully gain those dreaded GP Lunch dates.

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5 Days to Fill Your Books

Get the Proven strategies to get steady clients in your diary created for private practitioners who desire stability.

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Practice to Profit

This Video Course will take the guesswork out of Private Practice by helping you navigate the clinical and business worlds, assist you in streamlining your life, and make your business truly sustainable.  

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Build Your Practice

This training leads you by the hand, section by section, to explain and then demonstrate every single aspect of your private practice so you can replicate to your contractors.

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Accountability Group

Imagine if you stopped procrastinating and earned more money one task at a time without the overwhelm. This accountibility group will get you through your to-do list so you can focus on what matters most.

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Build Your Passive Income

Passive Income on Autopilot... Sound like a dream? It doesn't have to be!
We'll show you how to build an online course in 8 weeks or less without wanting to pull your hair out.

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And the Community that holds it all together!

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