Stop the feeling of "the hustle."

As the person who’s responsible for managing yourself you know: 

It is so hard to find time in your day.  From seeing your clients for 50-60 minutes, having a diary of 7-8 bookings, marketing, managing contractors, training your administration team, writing your GP letters, recruiting, reviewing your analytics to see if you can pay your bills… I think you get the picture.

That's why... we've released our series: PRACTICE TO PROFIT

You’ve put SOOO much effort and your best skill into filling your diary, spending countless hours in your consulting room.

… being careful about the clients you see, how you structure your week and the type of practice you want to have.

You’ve been wrestling stability.

You’re tired. Completely beat. And you desperately need to sleep. But still...

You don’t know where to start. You feel like you’ve tried everything. You’re having a hard time figuring out what to do next, how to find the time and how to manage everything on your plate.

And the worst part is:

(You feel like) YOU’VE. BEEN. AT. THIS. FOR. AGES.

That queasy, gut-twisting anxiety in the pit of your stomach won’t go away no matter how much you feed it because…

You honestly don’t feel like you can let go of that pedal to let the practice run on its own.

Even though you’ve been working in private practice for agesfollowing the templates of principal psychologists who have gone before you, soaking up free advice and strategy as you come across it….

You still feel like you’re gaffa taping everything together, pulling from here and there, in a very finger painting messy style.

Private Practice Framework? ***Eye roll*** Yeah.  Right.

You’ve paid for forms that are outlines, suggestions.  Basic and high-level. There weren’t any tutorials or training videos - just bullet points, jargon, and nothing concrete.  Nothing that makes any actual sense. Like why is it done this way?  How do you use them in practice? The theory is great, but you need the execution.

I'm ready to make a change.

Stop the feeling of overwhelm. Stop the feelings of frustration. Get stability.

That’s because:

You don’t copy, cut and paste a practice.  You engineer it. It’s art. You get to decide if you finger paint or use oil paints.  This is your canvas and it is an original. 

What’s the biggest difference between a private practice that skyrockets and one that barely breaks even?

Is it the templates? No.

Is it the practice location? No.

Is it the number of rooms you have? No.

The truth is:

Your success doesn’t depend on any individual element. A successful practice is the sum of a bunch of elements combined together in just the right way.

In other words…

The secret to a successful practice that flourishes without you has a steady stream of referrals, engaged contractors and adds multiple 000s to your bottom line lies in your process.

Some owners spend 5 - 10 - 15 years never paying themselves a cent from their business.  

5 years?! You don’t have that kind of time.  You need your version of success now.


The proven and repeatable course for bringing your dreams to life.

This is not one of thsoe oh-so-disappointing templates you’ve already tried.

Nope. Not even close.

Practice to Profit is a complete month-to-month system, featuring step-by-step videos, workbooks, exercises and templates.

Four Courses:

Build Your Knowledge (June 2019)

Build Your Practice (April 2020)

Build Your Referrals (2021)

Build Your Growth  (2022)

Unlike surface-level (cough, cough, theoretical, cough) templates, Practice to Profit goes deep.

This training leads you by the hand, section by section, to explain and then demonstrate every single aspect of your private practice so you can replicate to your contractors.

From research to action items.  It’s comprehensive, detailed and effective - everything those other resources aren’t.  Very little is left to the imagination. Thank goodness.

And better:

It speeds you up so you can implement it within your practice and then focus on anything else!

This course is designed to build the foundation of your practice.  As a practitioner, we have so many answers for you.

Do you want to stop thinking so much about the business side of your practice?

Do you want to make sure your cup is full and not overflowing or not full at all?

I get you.

You can trust everything you learn because it’s worked in the real world with proven and repeatable results.

Get training from the people who have international experience.

Module 1

Fast Forward: Thinking and Planning

You'll find throughout this whole course, you're going to be planning and thinking ahead. We break it down in small chunks so you aren't stressing about where "more" time will come from.

Module 2

Understanding your Practice Management System

Your Practice Management System should be the centre of your universe in practice.  If it isn't, that's okay! We take some time to learn your system and understand how to navigate the wealth of information it offers.

Module 3

Which Analytics to Know

We know there are so many things to track in your practice.  It's very likely that you don't like thinking about analytics.  For me, they tell us a story. A journey of your business and your clients.  We're going to narrow down what numbers you need to track and we're going to USE them!

Module 4

Your Client Journey and 1st Session Conversations

How you provide transparency in session is vital.  It will lead your client down the path of informed decisions.  Important decisions like, attending their appointments, paying their failed to attend fees, and not leaving treatment without having a final session with you.  

Module 5

Breaking the Barriers

There are so many barriers to private practice.  Clinician barriers, client barriers, practice barriers....the list goes on and on.  Don't stress. We're going to navigate those barriers to turn them from a wall you can't pass into a pothole you can navigate around.

Module 6

Preparing for the holidays

It's about time we start to prepare for the slump of the year.  December and January are tough. We feel it in February. So let's prepare early this year.  Don't let practice wastage get in the way like last year!

Module 7&8

Client Engagement

How can we better engage with our clients?  What do we need to do to ensure we are not working harder than our clients?  This module is a must for private practice. 

Module 9

Active Client Follow Up

How do we follow up clients without seeming like we're stalkers?  How do we help them along their client journey without seeming pushy or overbearing?  We have these answers and we can promise you that they won't leave you feeling like a sales person trying to sell a used car that doesn't work.

Module 10

Session Fee Policy

Have you experienced a therapeutic rupture when you or your admin team members have tried to implement the cancellation fee?  Well, we have the answer for this and we're sharing all!

Module 11

Private Practice Wastage

You've heard us use this term.  You've also likely downloaded the free workbook.  Now, we work with you one-on-one to review all of the areas of your practice that you're not benefiting from.  Stop chasing your tail and start winning the race.

Module 12

Putting It All Together

In our final month of this course, we review what has worked well and what hasn't.  We take you into the next year with a planning, free time, and most of all sanity!  We've taught you to work smarter, not we rejoice because the first course #buildyourknowledge is complete.  We move into our next series #buildyourgrowth #buildingyourpractice #buildyourreferrals

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Marketing Guide: Plan it Out

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