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Start Strong

From beginner to years in private practice.  Our base building clients are seeking ways to find stability in Private Practice.  

Feebie: 5 Days to Fill my Books [Course]

Quality Referral Generation

Solo practitioner or group practice, you need help with getting your name out there.  More than that, you need help filling your diary with your ideal clients.

Freebie: GP Manual [eBook]

Knowledge Building

You're in Private Practice, but you need just a little something extra.  This is the little extra you need to help reduce your drop outs and still charge your cancellation fee.  You know, the glue that you feel is missing.

Freebie: Comfortably Charge Your Cancellation Fee [Course and Workbook]

Meet Natasha Ace

"Essentially, my story looks like this: At the age of 21, after being mentored by a Clinical Psychologist, I started my own consulting firm. This firm opened nine private practices include a psychiatric clinic. At the age of 23, I started my own private practice. This practice provided internships to pre and postdoctoral level psychology interns.  At 27, I moved to Australia and started to learn the ropes and cultural differences. I have worked 15 years opening private practices and have worked internationally with 1,000's of psychologists.

My experience spans 15 years of establishing practitioners in private practice. I help guide you to develop your dream practice.  My knowledge and your dreams are tailed around the strategy, administration, contractor and client engagement. "

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Practice Building

You have it all.  Or so it seems from the outside.  But in all honesty, the business is built on you.  You're doing it all from a full case load to marketing.  You want it to change, but you aren't sure it's feasible.  It is.  We promise.

Freebie: Learn the secrets to remove yourself from working in your business to working ON your business. [eBook]

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(Hint: It's not by working more!)

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