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There are a million answers to every question.

Every perspective brings a new idea, a new comfort pushes a new question.

Like an artist, your private practice is your masterpiece. Entrusting another human to provide guidance, support and wisdom is a huge decision. You likely want someone who has 20 years of experience under their belt providing consulting advice to allied health practices. It wouldn’t hurt if that human had owned their own practice and had an MBA under their belt.

Mostly, you just want to make sure that whomever you seek out aligns with your values and mission in life. (Oh, and, you want to make sure they help you with profitability while steering you away from burnout).

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Mission Vision and Values

Our vision is to ethically drive practices to profit without the burnout.

How we plan on doing that is to demystify business strategy, ultimately empowering you to ACE private practice.  

Our Core Values
Balance | Innovation | Alliances | Intention | Diversity | Empower

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Here's what my clients say about working with me

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I feel like I can’t say this enough….THANK YOU

You and Liz, in two days, have made a MASSIVE difference to my practice. Right now I’m sitting down doing GP notes because I can. I also have set aside time to review Paige’s notes …. Because I’m not chasing follow ups or admin to follow up. I am TRULY appreciative of all the support, the advice, the assist in this adventure!

Monique Mathis

I was impressed with Natasha's ability to individualize each business's requirements.

Definitely has the ability to recognize its not a one size fits all for all. An asset to any company.

Josephine Gale
Psychologist | Board Approved Supervisor | Consultant

Natasha has assisted me with growing my business.

She is professional, knowledgeable, creative and very clever. Her easy going and down to earth nature allows an open and honest conversation about growth and development in your business. For these reasons, I highly recommend Natasha.

Maria Galatsis
Living Better Psychology

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Phone of Natasha Ace Smiling into the camera
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About Natasha Ace

In the heart of the business world, where numbers often drown out the human touch, there began a journey—a quest driven by a young visionary, fresh out of high school, with a spark for the world of Allied Health. At just 17, amidst the lenses and frames of an optometrist's office, the seeds of strategy and human connection were planted. This was not just a job; it was the prologue to a saga of empowerment, a saga that would come to be known as the Ace Private Practice.

The path was not laid with accolades or formal degrees but with the grit of real-life experience. By 21, armed with nothing but a sharp mind and an unwavering spirit, the founder embarked on an entrepreneurial odyssey. It was an era where credibility had to be earned, not through the letters after a name but through the tangible successes one could bring to the table. This was a time of building—with each challenge in the States, the foundations of a unique business model were forged, one that thrived on the balance of life’s symphony.

However, life's symphony plays many tunes, and a call from Down Under rang. Australia beckoned, and with it came a new chapter, a fresh start. The journey across the seas was a testament to resilience, a two-year testament that distilled the essence of rebuilding and reaffirmation. It was here that the MBA was pursued, not out of necessity, but from a desire to understand the academia behind the business acumen already possessed.

The journey was not a solo venture. It was a tapestry woven with the threads of diverse alliances, each thread a support that understood, challenged, and propelled the vision forward. It was the kind of support that didn't just fit into the existing picture but expanded it, painting broader strokes on a canvas that was ever-changing.

The brand's story echoes the struggle for credibility—be it the youthfulness that questioned authority or the nationality that faced scrutiny. Yet, it stands as a testament to the power of conviction and the relentless pursuit of a vision: to ethically empower practices to profit without burnout.

This is not a tale of an individual's triumph but a chorus sung by a community that values balance, empowerment, intention, innovation, and diversity. The Ace Private Practice doesn't just demystify business strategy; it stands as a beacon of hope that with the right guidance, every practitioner can ace their private practice.

As we look to the horizon, where the goals of establishing national benchmarks, educating practitioners, and humanising workflows beckon, we remember the essence of this brand. It's not about the solitary peaks conquered but about the empowering ascent that we all make together. This is not just a business; it's a movement—a movement that stands for every health practitioner who dares to dream of a practice that is not just a workplace but a haven of growth, learning, and balance.  A business that actively asks you to stop doing things because "Someone Said [you] Should."

Ace Private Practice isn't just a name. It’s a promise, a commitment, and a journey that continues to unfold, inviting every health professional to be a part of a story that's still being written. It's your story, our story, and a legacy in the making.

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