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This is your one precious life - why live it based on what someone said you ‘should’ do? 

Helping you move from practice to profit using best practices from a variety of industries: allied health, human resources, financial management, and marketing. 

How can we help create stability in Private Practice for you?

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In 2023 … we want you to win.

Individual coaching can be expensive.  The Facebook community can be overwhelming.  And there is simply never enough time in the day to get back to that video you saved.

And so, we’re introducing our ACE Practice to Profit membership program, or as we prefer to refer to it as;

Alliances | Community | Experts

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There are a million answers to every question.

Every perspective brings a new idea, a new comfort pushes a new question.

Like an artist, your private practice is your masterpiece. Entrusting another human to provide guidance, support and wisdom is a huge decision. You likely want someone who has 20 years of experience under their belt providing consulting advice to allied health practices. It wouldn’t hurt if that human had owned their own practice and had an MBA under their belt.

Mostly, you just want to make sure that whomever you seek out aligns with your values and mission in life. (Oh, and, you want to make sure they help you with profitability while steering you away from burnout).

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Specialised Coaching

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Mission Vision and Values

Our vision is to ethically drive practices to profit without the burnout.

How we plan on doing that is to demystify business strategy, ultimately empowering you to ACE private practice.  

Our Core Values
Balance | Innovation | Alliances | Intention | Diversity | Empower

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Here's what my clients say about working with me

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I feel like I can’t say this enough….THANK YOU

You and Liz, in two days, have made a MASSIVE difference to my practice. Right now I’m sitting down doing GP notes because I can. I also have set aside time to review Paige’s notes …. Because I’m not chasing follow ups or admin to follow up. I am TRULY appreciative of all the support, the advice, the assist in this adventure!

Monique Mathis

I was impressed with Natasha's ability to individualize each business's requirements.

Definitely has the ability to recognize its not a one size fits all for all. An asset to any company.

Josephine Gale
Psychologist | Board Approved Supervisor | Consultant

Natasha has assisted me with growing my business.

She is professional, knowledgeable, creative and very clever. Her easy going and down to earth nature allows an open and honest conversation about growth and development in your business. For these reasons, I highly recommend Natasha.

Maria Galatsis
Living Better Psychology

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The Private Practice MBA Program is finally accepting students!

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About Natasha Ace

Call her guru of sorts.

Natasha Ace is the founder of Private Practice Alliance, where she helps private practice owners develop their dream practice and make a profit. She also provides administrative services for private practice practitioners, together with her team, when she opened Ace Private Practice.

With an experience spanning 20 years of establishing practitioners in private practice and working with thousands of psychologists, she has been the go-to person for private practice owners who need help around strategy, administration, contractor, and client engagement. As an MBA holder with decades of exposure to different private practice scenes, she understands all aspects of managing and running a business and making a profit.

Natasha aims to be the definitive answer to the Psychologist’s question, “Why SHOULD I do something?”

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Minimise your isolation in Private Practice.

Learn new things. Make friends, lean in.

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