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When you don't have the money, but need the support, here are some useful tools for you.

Contractor Conversations

The “Must Have” Guide to Helping You Negotiate Your Contract in Private Practice.

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Collect Cancellation Fees

You already have a private practice, only problem is, you aren't charging your cancellation fee.

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The GP Marketing Manual

In this 9 page manual we provide detailed steps to help you successfully manage those dreaded GP lunch dates.

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Facebook Group

Community makes the world a better place. Make friends, lean in. This group will help support your journey while connecting with other likeminded humans.

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Practice Stress Test

A simple, multiple-choice - yes/no, 1-5 low/high, which you fill out, submit and receive ideas on ways to elevate your practice.

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Blog Articles 

Learn more about starting and managing your own private practice when you visit my blog - from business analytics to premature termination.

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