Why this logo?

Uncategorized Oct 01, 2020

Well, friend, this logo does have meaning! So much meaning to be fair, so let me break it down for you.

First, the colour green! Well, I'll have to be honest here, I didn't put too much thought into choosing this colour. I just simply love it. It's bright and refreshing and feels confident. And that's exactly how I want my brand to be. However, it's not without people's comments (hello mom!) from those who don't love it! In fact, one of my course feedback forms came back to tell me that they didn't like my brand colours, but they loved the course content so he wouldn't complain! Haha!

Next, the middle bit, I fundamentally believe we leave our mark in the world. Good or bad, it's there. Only, sometimes, to be found with a lot of investigating or looking. Kind of like your fingerprint. So, the middle section is to resemble your fingerprint.

Lastly, its the whole logo in & of itself. Oftentimes, I reference that building a business - it's like art. So the whole logo is the artist palette. It's to remind you that no matter how you decide to get creative, it's your masterpiece. No one else's.

I hope you can find some aspects of our logo that resonate with you! (Even if it's not the colors).

And remember, you can Ace Private Practice!



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