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Hey everyone,
began this journey as a consultant working within the Alliance a little over 2 years ago. Every day I feel like a student who asks myself, "where do we want to see the direction of this business go?" Honestly, I still don’t have a straightforward answer.
In such a short space of time, I have learnt more from our clients than taught; I will be the first to admit that.
Similarly, the world of mental health continually evolves and the need to reshape and adjust as practitioners is always something that requires adaptation.
We do see our clients (the practitioner) as needing to change their primary focus to achieve sustainable growth and this creates a feeling like you’re on a never-ending merry-go-round: (recruitment-referrals-processes-clinical governance-self care-repeat).
This has led me and my team to continually challenge each other as students and consultants to...
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