Have your referrals slowed down?  Worried about what your practice looks like AC (after COVID?).  I've got your back! I've asked some of my trusted humans to tell me what they use to DIY their own businesses.  Together we've come up with a list of useful tools and resources that can help you recession-proof your practice.   Please note, these are NOT affiliate links and I do NOT get any money from anyone if you purchase these products.


Practice to Profit - $47 / month

This Monthly Video Series will take the guesswork out of Building your Private Practice by helping you navigate the clinical and business worlds, assist you in streamlining your practice, and make your business truly sustainable.  


Your 90-Day Content Calendar $29.95  $19.95

Stop thinking about what to post on social media.  Fiona Kilackey from My Daily Business Coach has created this DIY Content Calendar to help you stop the struggle.  Look, it's not an...

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