Imagine if you stopped procrastinating and earned more money one task at a time without the overwhelm.

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"Accountability Group"


Where do you start?  How do you start?  Have you found yourself looking at the whole mountain of things you have to do and find it to be overwhelming?  Are you finding that you're staring at your computer or avoiding certain tasks?   Running a private practice is a huge job.  I can imagine you managing your personal life, seeing your clients, and on top of all of that marketing, supervising, and holding down the fort at the office.  Are you ready to make an impact this year?

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You're ready for help...but not too much

This year you've decided to take control of your to do list. You are going to commit to making noticeable change. This is your year!

Weekly Emails
The emails are going to give you a place to start.  You no longer have to look at your list and freak out.  We're doing it for you.

Guaranteed return on investment
We know that by coming on board for this you will make more money this year than you ever have.

Work Smarter...not Harder
You'll see a benefit in the first month of participation.  No more feelings of overwhelm.

Weekly Face-to-Face Sessions
Once the emails go out, you'll get a chance to action the email and then attend a face-to-face accountability session.  If you don't wish to attend each session, pick and choose which ones you show up for.

"I knew this course was going to mentor me through my first year of private practice and being self-employed. What I didn't know was what the experience would be like. Let me tell you... The weekly content is both relevant and doable for those who feel they just can't fit anymore into their schedule. Your To-Do list is considered as a part of the journey. You are kept accountable alongside others with their own professional aspirations and learn from the shared experience of the group. What I gained was a reliable group who gave me constructive criticism when I could have been floundering about by myself and not making any progress with my business. "

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A Note from Natasha

“I recently read a quote, "Procrastination usually isn't an issue of managing time, it's an issue of managing emotions."  L'areal Lipkins is spot on.  So many times we are frozen in decision making.  Where to start, how to start, why to start.  They are no longer questions that need answers, but instead they are barriers to hold us in place.  Now is the time to get that direction you need.  Now is the time to give yourself the permission to unfreeze and leap into adventure.  Join us for a spectacular 2020."


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