Hello, I'm Natasha Ace!

A Guru of Sorts

Essentially, my story looks like this:

At the age of 21, after being mentored by a Clinical Psychologist, I started my own consulting firm. This firm opened nine Private Practices, including a Psychiatric Clinic.
At the age of 23, I started my own private practice. This practice provided internships to pre and postdoctoral level psychology interns.
Then, at 27, I moved to Australia and started to learn the ropes and cultural differences.

Fast forward to the age of 39, I achieved my MBA.

I have now worked 20 years opening Private Practices and have worked internationally with 1,000's of clinicians.

My experience spans 20 years of establishing practitioners in private practice. I help guide you to develop your dream practice. 
My knowledge and your dreams are designed around strategy, administration, contractor and client engagement. 

And now I'm Here to help you bring the Stability to Your Private Practice that You Deserve!

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