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No matter where you are in your private practice, you would benefit from saving time, energy and brain capacity.  We only have so many hours in the day to make decisions or get things done.

The trick is doing it all, having time for yourself,  your friends, your family and still fitting in the gym (or let's be honest, that Netflix binge) 

I continually explore what works best for clinicians.  How can we manage the workflow processes that we need to run the practice while staying compliant?

Many of these links are NOT affiliate links, which means I DO NOT get a commission if you purchase.  However, a few have provided offers for you if you use my name.  I stand behind 100% of these products and know that you will find them to be useful in your practice.


Practice Management System (Solo +)


Power Diary


Email Management System (Group)




Project Management System (Group)




Time Management System (Group)



Marketing (Solo & Group)

My Daily Business Coach e- book


Clipomatic: Text on videos

DIY SEO Online Course


Course Creation (Solo & Group)




Become a Private Practice Alliance Affiliate (Anyone)

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