Introducing the

Admin Training Webinar Series

Finding clients can be easy, but managing a practice is challenging.

What are your struggles in managing the administration tasks in your practice?

These are some challenges psychologists deal with when they start their own practice.

Administration tasks have been one of their biggest everyday struggles - leaving them with less time to help their clients just to focus more on what needs to be done in the office. Do you have the same struggles?

For the next 12 months, I will be offering a webinar session once a month, where we'll be talking about different topics concerning how to manage your practice on the administration side of your business including strategies and contractor and client engagement.

See calendar below to check the full list of topics assigned each month:

July 2021

Stakeholder Management

We discuss the community that is invested in the success of your business and how we can best serve them. It's much more than just customer service over the phone and seeing every referral a certain doctor sends.

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August 2021

Client Intake Journey

We discuss how the client intake journey is the foundation of client outcomes and reducing administrative overload. It's time to focus on why how to move from a sales focus to an attendance focus.

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September 2021

Documentation of Admin Processes

We discuss how to make your admin procedures useful, accessible, and adaptable documents that save you time and energy. Let's move you past the binder in the bottom drawer that no one looks at.

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October 2021

Practice Management System (Tips and Ticks)

We show you some of our favourite behind the scenes tricks for your practice management system.

Watch the Halaxy Webinar Replay here.

Watch the Power Diary Webinar Replay here.

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November 2021

Practice Manager Key Performance Indicators

As admin team members, we don't have billable hours, but we can contribute to the practice's bottom line. We walk through some key indicators that we can have as administrators to help contribute to financial growth.

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December 2021

Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility


Key things to assist your practice in actually implementing diversity, inclusion and accessibility within your practice.

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January 2022

Tech Stack

We discuss the technology involved in administration.

What areas are you missing out on and where are you causing yourself more trouble than good.

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February 2022

Medicare Audit

We provide the tools and templates that we give our private clients.

Teaching you, the admin team, how to conduct a Medicare Audit with your practice and the clinicians.

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March 2022

Effective Communication

We discuss the most time-consuming aspect of administration, communication, and how to cut out the clutter in the inbox. Learn to communicate with clinicians, admins, clients, and all other stakeholders in ways that are clear, efficient, and professional.

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April 2022

Social Media for Private Practice

We discuss the area of private practice that all practices are interested in but don't know where to start. Learn about the ethics, dangers, and opportunities of social media.

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May 2022

Client Engagement - Admin Perspective

We discuss the crucial relationship between administration and clients.


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June 2022

Zero Inbox

Messy emails? We discuss how to organise your emails to avoid the overwhelming feeling of seeing too many unopened messages from everyone.

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Where will the webinar happen?

We will be sending you a link to join Natasha via Google Meet once you've paid for the session and receive a reminder a day before the event so you won't forget.

When will we meet?

The next session will be happening this coming 30 September 2021, Thursday, 5-6pm AEST.


Can I get a copy of the webinar after the session?

Yes, you will receive a link where you can view it a few days after the session is done.


Let's work on your admin struggles!

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Admin Training Webinar Series -

Documentation of Admin Processes

Next session is scheduled on 30 September 2021, 5-6pm AEST.

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